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Import-Export from the United States to
Colombia and the world


Courier Express

For urgent shipments we also have offices in different countries where you can pick up or drop packages that weight less than 50 kg. We have counselors available to address your concerns.

International Locker

Make your purchases from the comfort of your home; with our free International locker service, we deliver them at your home. You only need to register and acquire your number to access this service.

Scheduled Pick-Ups

If for some reason you can not bring your parcels to our offices, we offer the service to pick up their shipments anywhere in the countries where we are.


Ourcollect service allows you to pay your shipments with credit card in Miami or from where you are.


Air Cargo

We handle nationalized cargo from door to door including customs management, compliance with rules and customs requirements of each country. We also ship cargo from airport to airport, when the client wants to be responsible for customs formalities

Maritime Cargo

We offer service for maritime cargo handling 20’and 40’ containers for loads that need special handling from port to port by volume or weight. In addition, we have customs agents available for our clients, who can provide aid for the necessary paperwork.

Cargo Consolidation

We offer storage and cargo consolidation for dispatch to anywhere in the world.

Customs Management

We offer full service customs management in the countries we are present, the service includes:

  • Nationalization
  • Storage
  • Cargo Release
  • Taxes
  • SIA
  • Transportation


For unaccompanied shipments of household goods you require:

  1. Photocopy of sender's ID
  2. Photocopy of public service on behalf of the sender
  3. Photocopy of airfare to travel within no more than 60 days

To make your shipments with Solair Cargo as legal person you require:

  1. Photocopy of sender's legal representative ID
  2. Photocopy of sender's RUT
  3. Photocopy of sender's Chamber of Commerce, valid for at leasr 30 days
  4. NIT number

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Contact Us

SolAir Cargo Express
5141 NW 79 Ave. Unit 9
Miami, FL 33166
Ph: +1 (305) 594 9011
Bogotá: +57 (1) 489 9102

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We are SolAir Cargo

Solair Cargo is a US logistics company specialized in national and international courier, and air and maritime freight forward. It was created in 1999 and registered in Miami, Florida under the Vanguardia business group, and it is regulated by TSA (Transport Security Administration).

We count on remarkable resources that allow us to track cargo, offering detailed information to our clients and having an active control of shipments in and out of our organization. We are interested in the use of new technologies for better service.

We currently have offices in USA, Europe, China, Panama, and Colombia offering import-export services with competitive rates and quality service for our customers. For more information download our brochure.